Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Using Kidguard to Help Keep our Kids Safe on Cell Phones and When Using Social Media

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Our society has been changing rapidly through the years and for our younger generation not necessarily for the best. As parents we worry about our children and keeping them safe in this social media whirlwind that they interact with every day. Keeping up with our daily lives, jobs and responsibilities can make it challenging to know what all our kids are exposed to online even when we check their devices regularly. Especially those hours when they are at school or with friends outside the home. What are they erasing? Do we know our kids as well as we think we do? Then there is that issue of trust... the struggle between do we trust them to do the right thing or do we realize as teens there are temptations and we need to be proactive as parents and keeping them safe as we can.

Sadly there is so much cyber bullying happening and teens and even preteens being lured to meet people and then never being seen again. Predators online stealing our children's photos and interacting with them as friends when really they are a deadly enemy. Just watching the local news is devastating when you see all the missing children or murdered children or teen suicides because they are unable to cope and process the cruelty that this world has become.

As a parent and lifestyle blogger I like to post upbeat things most of the time because there is so many sad things to weigh us down in the world and I don't like to focus on that. But this opportunity to share information about Kidguard was one I wanted to be involved in because I knew it would benefit my readers and I hope you can take some time visit their website and links I have provided to read through all the great information and to learn more about the service they provide.

I feel that educating ourselves and staying aware is one of the best ways to be involved and to learn as much as we can as parents about social media and ways to protect our children. Kidguard is a technology services company that provides tools and information to parents to help keep their kids safe online. 

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Kidguard provides a free 7 day trial, then the cost is $19.99 a month to monitor your child's device. That cost can help give you piece of mind for your child's safety. This chart shows you a few of the things Kidguard can do to keep you up to date on what your child is involved with and who they are contacting. I really like that they provide a parents survival guide to online safety on their site to help us learn all we can as parents.

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One of the other features you will find on their web page is how to monitor your child's text messages and this can be critical, especially in those cases of cyber bullying. The website also provides terms that teens use today in their text messages that you may not be familiar with.

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The following short videos offer an overview of the features of Kidguard and how they work and are worth watching.

There is so much great information on their web page and I like how they have a situation 360 detailed there on what to do in case of an emergency with your child and how tracking can sometimes help in getting the answers you need to locate or to help them.
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We can't always be everywhere with our children all the time, especially as we are teaching them to be more independent and preparing them for life on their own. They will each have their own journeys to follow; but having Kidguard helps to provide some peace of mind in the process of watching them grow up.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sad that such technology is needed in today's world but it is.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a great option for those teenagers. Mine are all grown, so no more worries. I love technology. Happy Wednesday Jill.

Anonymous said...

Jill, what an interesting product. My kids are all grown. My grandchildren are too young for cell phones. My daughter says that they won't get one at least until high school and there will be one computer in the main living room. You really can't be too careful nowadays.

Thank you for sharing about this product. It seems a bit expense though, doesn't it?

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Jill, thank you for posting this important information. I am going to pass it onto my son who has two boys. It's quite scary when we hear about some of the lures out there. ♥

McVal said...

My daughter already thinks we don't trust her... just by asking her to load an app so we could track her on a road trip she went on. If I did this, we'd need to be sneaky about it... ;)

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks for sharing, Jill. My children are grown, but there is still so much stuff on social media that I'm cautious about. Happy Easter to you. : )


~Pam~ said...

Hi Jill, I think it is great you are sharing this! God bless you. Happy Easter! xo

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I don't have there is no worry there. But if I did, I sure would be watching their every use on social media and texting while driving, pretty dangerous. Thanks for stopping by, I am following you also.