Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hayley Gets Her First Car!!!!

We have a very happy teenager in our house :-)

After looking at numerous car dealerships and online listings, we finally found a car that Hayley really liked in her budget. Clean, well cared for and it doesn't hurt that it's a Mercedes for safety ;-)

                  Meet Hayley's 1995 Mercedes Benz :-) She named her Mercedes Cynthia :-)

A nerve racking experience for me as her mom and choosing a car that's safe, but I know it's part of growing up. Right now she has her learner's permit so still needs to drive with us and get so many hours completed before getting her actual license, but she is doing great! We are so proud of her! I know my mom would be proud of her too and I wish so much she was here for this moment.

I know she'll be the angel on Hayley's shoulder though :-) Everywhere she drives too, her Nana will be there guiding and protecting her.

              She brought Mooshoo along and he was one of the first things she put in her car :-)

The interior was in wonderful shape considering how old it is. We bought her new tires, a steering wheel cover and new floor mats and it practically looks like a new car!

It has a nice upgraded stereo system in it also. She said whatever car she found had to have a DVD player or it was a deal breaker, lol.

                 It even has a sun roof!!! Although I advised her against driving like ;-)

It was quite windy and I kept taking multiple pictures, love her laugh and her smile in this picture. :-)

My dad, her Pop Pop was even brave enough to drive with her :-) He always had nerves of steel when teaching my sister and I. My sister had a history of hitting trees and also ran into the side of our house when learning, lol luckily no major damage! That was 30 plus years ago now.

I love this girl so much and my heart sure beats faster when she's out on the road. I pray for her safety as I know she is a responsible girl, it's the other drivers on the road I worry about!

We think it's a great starter car for her and hopefully it will last her for awhile :-) Especially since it's fully paid for!

This photo credit goes to Hayley, when she ordered her keychain from Amazon and went out to take this picture, I loved how it turned out and had to share it. :-)

So proud of you Hayley girl!!! Enjoy your new car and have many great memories as you grow more into an incredible young lady!



Sheila said...

Congratulations Hayley!! Your car is beautiful!! I've always wanted a Mercerdes--or a Jeep. Happy & safe driving to you!! =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Hayley. It's a pretty car and looks new!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! A big day in any girl's life!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Nice car Hayley, nothing like starting out with the best!!! My stepfather taught me to drive in a Cadilac....then I had brand new Ford. The first car I bought with my own money was a Pontiac Tempest....lasted 10 years!!! Since then I have had many cars. Your Mercedes should last a LOOOOONG time!!!

Wendi said...

An exciting time for Haley! Hard to believe she is old enough to drive. Time flies.

Billie Jo said...

A beautiful choice!!!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Congratulations Hayley! Your Mercedes is a real classic - such a great find! Have fun! Love all the photos! xx Karen

Barb said...

Hi Jill~

What a gorgeous car! My kids would have loved a Mercedes! I agree with you that kids need reliable cars that are safe. I love that she has her cute little, "Mooshoo" in the back's adorable. You can tell by that beautiful smile that she loves her new car!!

We bought a new car a few months ago, so I gave my old car, a Cadillac, to my grandson who will be starting college in January. I also wanted him to have a good, reliable car. My Cadillac was a 1996!! It still drives like a charm. and it's safe!!

Happy driving, Haley!!

Hugs and Love,

McVal said...

yay!!!! and wow a Mercedes?!!! How swank!!!

Karen Ann said...

Nice choice! and safe travels for your girl.

~ Noelle said...

Yay!! Happy she got a car she seems to love ;)
Can't believe she is old enough for one though...

Hena Tayeb said...

Oh wow.. she must be so happy.. good for her.

Red Rose Alley said...

Wow, what an awesome car for Hayley! I've always thought Mercedes was an attractive car. That will be nice for her to have an upgraded stereo system too. It's crazy out there right now with all the traffic for Christmas. May she be safe going to and from in her very first new car. : )


Nonnie said...

Love that last pic. Lucky girl!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How exciting! She'll love having a nice luxurious car to drive and you'll feel better about the safety. The photos are very cute! Happy Thanksgiving!