Thursday, August 9, 2018

Part 3 of Visiting Korner's Folly and a Nice Lunch With My Sister at Mae's Vintage Kitchen

So I decided to jump back on tonight and finish up my tour of the Korner's folly historic home. There may be a need for another nice cup of tea or coffee to scroll through the remaining pictures and I finish up with a lovely lunch my sister and I had at Mae's Vintage kitchen. :-) We had such a wonderful day out together. Wish we were able to do it more often!

This lovely home also had a full theatre on the upstairs level and I must say my senses were on high alert here. Do you believe in spirits? I definitely do and have had several encounters throughout my life.....

                               More beautiful, amazing murals on the walls and ceilings to enjoy!

                     View from the theatre room. Was a gorgeous day outside... though very hot!

                               So many, nooks, crannies, doors and stairways to explore!

                    This was actually their outfit to go sunbathing in! I imagine they were quite hot!

These staircases were insane! So steep and narrow, it was very tough trying to go down them with my flip flops on, lol. Lesson learned!

       They say mirrors are portals to the other side or for unsettled spirits.... anyone else think so?

This whole area around this door was creepy..... even looking back through the pictures I get an eerie vibe.

This particular lady's photo had the same effect... it literally felt like she was watching us as we walked around the room. My sister was getting the same vibes I was.

This was a narrow little stairwell that was behind the stage that they had you leave the upper area from, so we didn't go back down the main stairway the way we originally came up.

                       Beautiful painting of the home was also displayed on one of the levels.

                                                  More creepy stairwell death traps, lol.

               Definitely had some vibes in this one too, couldn't wait to get to the bottom of it!

                            Beautiful piece.... just don't make furniture like this anymore.....

After finishing up our tour and getting a little history lesson, we drove a short distance to a delightful little place for lunch called Mae's vintage kitchen.

The windows on the bottom are where we were sitting at a nice table to have our lunch. I loved that the place was accessible for wheelchairs and Kim and I both got teary eyed thinking about my mom and how much she would have loved going there with us.

                                                       The view from our table inside.

                                 Kim ordered the tuna melt, which she said was delicious!!!

I ordered a turkey and cheese croissant, also delicious!!! And of course we enjoyed some delicious sweet tea! ;-)

Thanks for taking this tour with me on this historic home..... so tell me what are your thoughts on ghosts? I'm curious to know..... ;-)



cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

That was quite the tour. Can't imagine living in that era. I suppose that was rich living back then. That theater is weird...and scary too. Sometimes when I got to an antique store, fun looking at old stuff but for some reason I get anxious and feel like something is swirling around my legs and feel week. I think as Christians we can feel evil spirits around us. Maybe that is a warning from God. I will have to check out your previous post. Very interesting pictures. Have a good evening. Thanks for stopping by today.

mamasmercantile said...

I am not really a believer in ghosts but who knows! Another great tour, the murals were a real delight.

Dianna said...

Thank you for the tour, Jill. You know when I looked at the (I am assuming) cardboard figurine of the woman that you said you and your sister felt like you were being watched wherever you went in the room, and then saw the portrait a few pics down, there was one thing I noticed that was the same about them...the eyes. I am not certain what it is about them, but they really stand out to me. Anyway...a lot of the architecture was outstanding.

Your lunch looks delicious and I am so glad that you and your sister had this day out together.

Carla from The River said...

:-) .. I think you did a fab job sharing with us.. thank you. Do they do anything special during Halloween?

McVal said...

:) What a beautiful place!!! I would love to explore there too.
I don't believe in ghosts. But I love feeling spooked at certain times. It gets the blood pumping!
So glad you had a great time!

Barb said...

Hi Jill!

I loved these posts!! Wow, if wall could only talk! That old typewriter was crazy! I was a legal secretary for 16 years, and I can't imagine typing all my documents on that typewriter!! So glad you had a chance to spend time with your sis...what fun!

Hugs and Love,