Monday, October 15, 2018

Catching up!

                           Kathleen is still enjoying her running and recently did a local 5 K :-)

She finished in about 26 minutes and won second place for her age group, just seconds behind the first place winner. We are so super proud of her!! She ran this one last year for the first time ever and had come in first :-)

After the race we took her to get a snowball and she was super happy as until recently there were no snowballs stands or places here. We were used to them in Maryland and have been missing them!

             Found this beautiful painting of the wings at our local mall and had to get a picture. :-)

We had a tough 2 weeks with Hayley. She had a ruptured ear drum and 2 serious ear infections. She was in so much pain. Luckily our ENT was able to help get her through it and we hope she never has to experience that kind of pain again. It is so hard as a parent seeing your child suffering and not being able to take the pain away. Daisy spent a lot of time by her side comforting her.

Hurricane Michael seemed to hit us harder than the last one! We had more flooding around the yard and in our basement again.... Kathleen and I walked around and picked up some of the branches that had fallen to give to our goats Annabelle and Ruby. Our yard was like a swamp!

                       It also flooded our pond again... at this point it hadn't yet buried the pier.

We had our first cooler day this past weekend and Kathleen was excited to get back in the kitchen and bake some treats to take over to a friend's house. Of course we got to sample one too, lol and they were so delicious. She made brownie, chocolate chip cupcakes with marshmallow icing from scratch. :-)

She definitely enjoys fall and still takes time to climb trees, though she is a lot taller then when she first started climbing them! Now her feet about touch the ground while in the tree! LOL

My beautiful niece Neve had her first homecoming dance this past weekend! The theme was Wizard of Oz and she looked so beautiful! I can't believe how fast they are growing up. She's a freshman in High School already!

This week at Hayley's high school is meme week. She picked one she found funny and created the Kermit outfit to go with it. As a mom.... it's not my favorite meme, but her outfit creativity was cute so I just had to share!

And I'd thought I'd leave you with a little photo of Jerry trying on Halloween masks in Walmart the other day, lol. Not a bad look ;-)



Red Rose Alley said...

Way to go to Kathleen for winning second place in the 5K run! I love that picture of her and the wings. What an awesome photo! I'm sorry to hear about Hayley and her ear infections. I hope she is feeling better. My son had ear infections when he was little, and I remember that like yesterday. Hurricane Michael was such a terrible one, and I didn't realize it hit your area as well. Kathleen looks like she's having fun baking all those goodies. Jill, I just sent Jess a picture of her in her grandma's tree when she was growing up, and when I saw this picture of Kathleen it reminded me of that. This is a special picture - please keep this forever. And a cute Kermit outfit that Hayley put together.

You have wonderful daughters, Jill, and enjoy this special month of October with them.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG, a ruptured ear drum and ear infections -- been there, done that, no fun whatsoever. But Hayley rocks the Kermit meme! Congrats to Kathleen on her 5k success and those awesome Halloween cupcakes! Mail me one, willya?

Stephanie said...

It was so nice catching up with you, dear Jill.

Congratulations to your beautiful Kathleen! She quite the little runner :) And I"m very sorry to hear about Hayley and her ear infections...poor dear.

I am also sorry you had some flooding, but am ever so glad you are okay and safe. Enjoy your week, my friend. Hugs!

mamasmercantile said...

I did wonder how you were with the storm so I was glad to hear you are all safe. Sorry to hear about the flooding, hope it doesn't take too long to get things cleared up. Ear infections are indeed really painful so hope Hayley feels better soon. Go Kathleen, such a great runner.

McVal said...

Way to go kathleen!!! on both running and cooking!
and I'm so glad Hayley is feeling better. yucko!!! The ear thing is NO fun.
Love her costume!
and I"m sorry about your yard. I hope it dries up sooner than later.

Dianna said...

Great job, Kathleen! and I'm so sorry to hear about Hayley's ear problems. That sounded so painful. I trust you will have a wonderful week, Jill!

Mandisa said...

Jill, both of your girls are absolutely adorable and they're getting so big! Congrats to Kathleen on her achievement and I hope Hayley is feeling much better. Hope you are having a fabulous Fall. Have a blessed day!

Mandisa said...

Jill, your girls are absolutely adorable and they are getting so big! Congrats to Kathleen on her achievement and I hope Hayley is feeling much better. Hope you are having a fabulous Fall. Have a blessed day!