Sunday, May 5, 2019

Go Far Race 2019!

This past Saturday after a few scattered showers; the sun came out along with the humidity and to start the early day of the Go Far race. :-)

Usually Hayley runs with Kathleen, but this year Jerry decided he want to run with her :-)

This was the beginning of the race with her classmates that signed up. GoFar was a race program that was through her school and she would train twice a week in preparation for the big race, a 5K :-)

This video on my YouTube page is a quick highlight of them starting and then as they finished. All week they joked back and forth in a competitive nature of who was going to win. Kathleen beat Jerry by 46 seconds!!! Very close :-)

                                                             Getting ready to run!!!

                             Me and my girl, so proud of her! It was so hot and humid!!!!

                              Hayley and I... so hard to believe she will be graduating soon!

                           Both these girls are my whole world.... love them so much!!!

   We all wore the shirts Kathleen designed for her school and she won the contest for her design!!!

                                            He had no idea this was coming!!! LOL

                                                                          Priceless, lol!

                        It's a good thing we all have a good sense of humor in this family, lol!

                                                Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


Carla from The River said...


Sweet! I just love your family and how close you are to each other.
xx oo

Red Rose Alley said...

What an awesome race to participate in. So many cute family photos, and I love the orange t-shirts they got to wear. Kathleen looks so happy in these pictures. She really had a big surprise for her dad. : )

Happy Mother's Day to you, Jill.


Sandi said...

Looks fun!