Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Who's Ready For Amazon Prime Day? #Amazon #shopping #amazonprimeday

Amazon Prime days are special days for Prime members to get really amazing deals! There are so many great departments to choose from! Starting July 15th- July 16th, 2019 you can find so many items you may need or want at a really discounted price, and if you have your Prime membership it will ship for free! Electronics, music, food, clothing, toys, books and more!

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One of the things I enjoy about having an Amazon Prime membership, is all the benefits that are given to it's users. I've been renewing my membership for years and love every moment of it. If you are not familiar with Amazon Prime, here are a few of the fantastic benefits:

1) Free 2 day shipping (unless stated otherwise) This is especially great when you want to ship a gift to someone!

2) Free books to read digitally and also through audible, just browse their selection. Load to your kindle app (free) and return when you are done reading them. :-) I particularly love this feature as I enjoy reading so much and they offer a lot of great books to choose from. Plus you can read it right from your phone with the app as well!

3) Amazon music is included without ads, stream the latest hits and create playlists!

4) Prime movies, so many great titles!

5) Unlimited digital photo storage!

6) Each month you get a free digital book to keep!

7) Special concerts and events.... Such as today (July 10th, 2019) you will be able to see a Taylor Swift concert on Prime video! This begins at 9 PM tonight Eastern time.

                                                         Photo credit: Amazon website

If you are interested in trying Amazon Prime, you can click here on the picture below and receive a 1 month trial for free!! :-) If you decide to keep it you will have the option of paying $12.99 a month or $119.00 a year after your free trial ends.

If you're interested in just reading, you can also receive a free trial of Kindle unlimited by clicking this next picture.

You can also give the ultimate gift of a Amazon Prime gift membership to someone you love. They will definitely appreciate it! :-)

Here is a great deal that Prime members get until July 14th! Pay only $169.00 for both these items! Ring video doorbell and the echo dot, click the link below for all the details. Just have a prime membership and it will give you the discount at checkout!

Another great deal is this Fire TV recast! You can get the 2- tuner Fire Tv recast for $129.99 instead of the $229.99. If you want you can upgrade to a 4 tuner Fire Tv Recast and only pay $179.99 instead of $279.99!!! Just click the following picture for more details and to get the price after signing up as a Prime member :-)

These two are just a couple of the current sales to give you an example of how much you can save by shopping on their website. Best thing is you can shop from the comfort of your own home, on the couch, in your PJ's and have all you need or want delivered right to your door.

I will be keeping you updated as Prime day arrives and deals are released. :-) Happy shopping! I know I'll be shopping for Christmas early this year and excited to see all they will have to offer!

                                           Hope you are having a wonderful evening!!!


                        *Affiliate links were used in this post. All opinions are my own.*


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I just cancelled my free one-month Amazon Prime trial, actually. I don't buy enough from Amazon to make it worthwhile. I did use Amazon Prime Video to watch "Good Omens" though, which I wanted to see. It was terrific! But still, not enough to tempt me to stay on.

McVal said...

We have Amazon prime! Thanks for the info!!