Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Healthy Living, WW, Recent Grocery Haul, Jerry's Angel Food Cake and More :-)

                                                            This sign could not be more true!

Since being diagnosed in December 2018 with heart failure; I've made a lot of positive, healthy changes in my lifestyle. While some are unsure that I will get better or increase my ejection fraction, I for one refuse to give up the fight. I exercise every day, no matter how tired I may be. I've also stayed with a very strict diet and I have lost a lot of fluid weight between the hospital and being home. I am doing all I can to continue to lose it until I feel I am at a healthier weight. :-) I've decided to try out the WW freestyle plan to help me manage portions of the foods I eat and I like being able to track everything.

My new normal is carrying my food with me wherever I go, unless I find a restaurant like the one featured in my last blog post that I know I can eat healthy, low sodium foods there. You can read my last post by clicking here. On this particular trip we had taken the girls to the mall and I was happy as can be to sit in the food court with them and enjoy a meal :-) The meal was only 1 point for the little bit of oil I cooked the chicken and veggies in. I found these great glass containers on Amazon and they are leakproof.


I also bought my Pioneer Woman lunch bag on Amazon and I love all the room it has in it for everything. Plus it's pretty and feels more like carrying a purse! ;-)


This was delicious as well, it is 2 slices of the mini whole wheat bread from Pepperidge Farms. I added some Can't Believe it's not Butter spray, then added no sodium turkey breast, a slice of Swiss cheese and thinly sliced apples and heated it on the stove. So delicious! Points only 5 and that's because the turkey was a point from the deli. Each slice of bread was 1 point and the Swiss cheese was 3.

This was an easy, quick snack too. The unsweetened almond milk is only 1 point for a cup. The baby bel cheese is 3 points and the grapes are free. :-) Holds me over in the afternoon until dinner time. I've also stopped eating anything past 7 PM and I only have a plain hot cup of tea before bed.

I had to share this Angel Food cake fail with you, lol. We all had a good laugh about it, because it had to be the type of mix he picked up. Jerry picked up the Angel food cake mix at Save-A-Lot grocery store and I was pretty skeptical..... needless to say the mix suggestions did not fluff up the cake.... Luckily we still had another mix in the pantry from a better brand and he redeemed himself, lol. One slice of Angel food cake is only 4 points! Helps when you just want a little treat. :-)

                                                                 Now that's more like it! ;-)

So excited to announce that Perfectly Posh is releasing new products again! I wasn't able to make it to Uncon this year, which I'm really bummed about because Rachel Hollis will be a presenter and I just love her! But I will be featuring all the latest products on my business page if you'd like to follow along there :-) You can also find all the products on my website I also have a YouTube for my business you can find the link here. We have a huge retirement sale going on right now and products as low as $5.00 each! Sad to see some of my favorites go, but excited for the new launch!

I completed 3 grocery hauls this past weekend to Sav-A-Lot, Aldi's and Harris Teeter. In my latest YouTube video I go through all the details. :-)

  Lots of good things planned for our menus the next two weeks. This was just the Harris teeter haul.

                Do you plan your meals each week? What are your favorite stores to get groceries?

                                                                  Have an amazing week!!



Debbie Harris said...

That angel food cake is hilarious, although I have to admit angel food cake all by itself is my favorite cake and I probably would have eaten that regardless!
Good for you in finding what works with helping you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, congratulations!
Lovely photo of yourself~

Veronica Lee said...

That quote is so true. Your lunch bag is very pretty. And yes, that is a very lovely photo of you.

Happy Wednesday, Jill.

Debby Ray said...

That's a lot of good looking food, right there! The angel food cake fiasco is hysterical although the second one looks amazing!

bj said...

you look fantastic!!!
you are doing sooo good on this healthy journey...
my wrist seems to be doing ok..thanks for asking...get the cast off the 22nd..yay

Julie said...

You are so beautiful. And doing so grandly taking good care of yourself.
I need to check out your bags because I really still need to find the perfect activity bag for bus trips.
As for planning our meals, I do weekly and usually follow it pretty close except for days I work late or Mike does then it's oatmeal and fruit for supper. I only shop once a week for my family and if something is forgotten we do without until the next week. Oh I can pick something up at any time because I am always going right by a grocery store or Dollar Store but it's the principle of things, I do it once and it better be enough.
Keep going Jill, you have a full life to live. Take care.

Julie said...

Well I just learned what your Perfectly Posh is, it's not what I thought, hummmm.......guess I never checked it out. Oh well, I am now. :o)

Carla from The River said...

I like the quote. I appreciate you sharing your tips and tricks. I am learning from you. Thank you! Carla

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Way to go on your new lifestyle eating plan! You look wonderful! Oh dear, the poor angel food cake. 😞 I bought an angel food cake mix from Aldi that I wasn’t thrilled with. It rose, but the taste wasn’t as good as the name brand ones.

Karen Ann said...

Awesome that you are continuing the healthy lifestyle for better health, good for you! And I don't plan an entire week's meals, just because I'm not that organized, but it's a great thing to do if you are. I kind of wing it. And that means extra trips to the store when I don't have the ingredients I need for a particular meal. NOt the best planning but it's how I've always rolled.

Red Rose Alley said...

Jill, I think it's great that you remain in hope and have such a positive attitude. Your picture shows your lovely smile and nature. I absolutely love the Pioneer Woman collection, and your lunch bag is delightful. So good of Jerry to make an angel food cake, even if it didn't turn out the way he wanted. I haven't had angel food in a long time. I always drool looking at the good foods on your blog. : )