Monday, September 9, 2019

Review of Masters Teas

As a long time tea lover, I have always enjoyed sampling new types of teas. When I was once again contacted by Adagio teas about their new website and their new Master Teas; I just had to give them a try! They also graciously included a free tea for my birthday which was a nice surprise! You can read my previous review of Adagio teas here.

To visit their new website Master Teas please click here

I was able to choose a wide selection of teas and enjoyed trying several of them. They always offer free shipping on their website and their customer service is wonderful! This is one of the teas I chose to try and you are able to choose a sample or a larger amount of any of the teas. It is called Jun Shan Yin zhen tea. It's a yellow tea with with the taste of toastiness and soft muscat grape like fruitiness.

Our Mission Statement: 

The intention of Masters Teas is to share the finest, freshest specialty teas direct from the farms where they grow. We invite you to get to know the artisans who tender them and learn their stories. It is not necessary to be a tea connoisseur to enjoy these exceptional productions, as we intend to offer as much information as possible to help you on a journey of tea discovery. Masters Teas is proud to offer you our 2019 fresh-from-the-field teas the moment they arrive. Each offering is a limited edition, small-lot production. 
(Credit: Master Teas website)

That is another thing I really enjoyed about reviewing their website and selecting my choice of teas; you get to read about the individual and how the teas are made.

The leaves are very rich and full of flavor. I have a tea cup that I just love that you can brew a cup of tea in and easily remove the leaves when finished.

The key to enjoying the rich flavor of these teas is to use really hot water and let it steep. I let mine steep about 15 minutes to enjoy the full effects of the tea. The website also lets you know how high and low the caffeine contents are in each of the teas and also what the flavor is like.

My tea cup comes with a lid to hold in the heat and to let it steep, plus its nice for keeping it warm afterwards too and then you can take it off and set the tea leaves container in it so it doesn't leak all over the counter. I found my cup on Amazon if you are interested in finding out more about it you can click here

As you can see it is a nice rich brew and I enjoyed drinking the teas plain, but you could add milk, cream or sugar or honey to them if you choose too. I just really enjoy the natural flavors of the teas. :-)

If you enjoy drinking tea and are looking for a good quality blend, I highly suggest checking out their website and giving them a try. They have a quick delivery also and their customer service members are more than happy to help with any questions you may have regarding the teas or how to brew them.


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McVal said...

I might have to check those out sometime! My son-in-law is a tea connoisseur and has special thermometers to make sure the tea is at the optimal temp for steeping. He'd love these! I may have found his birthday or Christmas present!

mamasmercantile said...

The tea sounds delicious.

Red Rose Alley said...

This tea sounds tasty, Jill. I always like it when I find a new brand of tea, especially ones with orange and spices. I didn't know you were a tea lover.

I hope you are enjoying these September days. It rained here yesterday!