Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Jerry's 50th Birthday!

"In this life we will never truly be apart. For we grew to the same beat of our mother's heart."
Daphne Fandrich

July 20, 2020..... 50 amazing years.... how lucky I am to share 30 of them with Jerry. :-)

Since moving so far away from family and friends, we rarely get a lot of time with any of our family members. I mentioned to Jerry that this year he should take a trip away with his twin brother Garry and I'm so happy they were able to work out most of the details. I only wish they were able to spend more time together.

I took a couple photos at the house before they left. Can you tell which one is Jerry? LOL.

I love this photo of them by the statue we got in memorial for his younger brother Patrick. It has the perfect place on the pier by our pond.

Here they are ready to head out and have some relaxing fun ;-)

They were able to catch up with an old childhood friend Jimmy that was down there at the same time.

Jerry sent me some great pictures as I wanted to be able to document the time for him so they would have something to look back at for years to come. :-)

This was their first night at a seafood restaurant on the water, so beautiful.

This was on their way to a hunting trip.... luckily they didn't get anything, lol.... as I have never liked hunting but I know it is something they enjoy. 

He did have some visitors... a couple tree frogs! ;-)

Guess who caught the big fish? ;-)

I think truly the smiles say it all for the experience and the time together.

They spend as much time fishing and enjoying the water as they could before they had to head back.

They also made some time for fun, with go carts and exploring and some miniature golf!

Happy 50th birthday Jerry and Garry! 50 looks good on you both :-) You deserve everything wonderful life has to offer! Here's to many more years and celebrations!! Love you with all my heart Jerry!

"Life if well lived is long enough"  Seneca

"There's only one thing more precious than our time and that is who we spend it with"  Leo Christopher





Debra She Who Seeks said...

Twins and the Big Five Oh! Congrats! And that's a helluva fish -- both of them, LOL!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JERRY and GARRY. Wishing you blessings throughout your birthday year.
Joan Marion and Marilyn

Polly said...

Didn't they have a great time, I'm glad they didn't catch anything, I don't like hunting either. The statue is lovely, very poignant, and the photo is lovely.

Patti Gardner said...

Happy birthday to Jerry! (And to Garry) May their 50's be a really wonderful decade of life.

The pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a spectacular time was enjoyed.

Hope you are well!